Books About the Pacific Northwest

We're proud of our wide selection of books about our region of America. View the grandeur of Mount Rainier and the rebirth of Mount St. Helens. Or read about outlaws of the Pacific Northwest and take a haunted tour of the region with Washington ghost stories. Our Native American books capture the vision of Chief Seattle and the legends of North Coast Indians.

  • Children's Books

    Children's Books

    Children's Books from and about the Pacific Northwest. Find out how Raven freed the moon. Let a moose give a counting lesson. Go on an adventure with a young Indian girl when a volcano erupts and a frog is missing. Go with Simon as he catches a salmon. Journey along the Pacific Coast. And maybe learn how a chipmunk got his stripes.

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  • Cookbooks


    We have selected a variety of cookbooks for you. The recipes are full of the 'flavor of Pacific Northwest cooking'. Also, enjoy trivia, tips, photography and a little bit of PNW history. We have available several seafood cookbooks.

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  • Misc Books
  • Native American Books

    Native American Books

    The Pacific Northwest Shop is proud of its wide selection of Northwest Coast Native American printed products.

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