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I've not been to the Pacific Northwest, but I've always wanted to visit. Your website makes me feel like I'm visiting a part of the Northwest. I bought a dozen Mount St. Helens Ornaments and they are just beautiful. I was going to give them as gifts, but now I think I'll just hang them on my own tree!

Georgi J.
Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Love Sipper Sweet Cocoa. It saves this diabetic from giving up hot cocoa - and it makes a great mocha when mixed with coffee and cream.

Rose R.
Tempe, Arizona

I got all 5 of your With Love Spice Rubs. They are all very good, but the Steak Rub has turned me into the BBQ King of the Neighborhood. The wife loves the Salmon Rub, but with us being beef-eaters in Texas, there is no danger of her taking my place as the reigning BBQ Monarch. Thanks!

Dalton B.
Houston, Texas

I am so very pleased with your products and the information you provide your customers. My gift recipient said the whole package was wonderful, as well as everything inside. I will order from you again and again. Happy Holidays and Thank You.

Mildred A. Pierce
Tehachapi, CA

This is my second order of your Wild Blackberry Honey and it will not be my last. It is fantastic.

Mary W.
Port Charlotte, Florida

Thanks for such a great and easy to use website. I am looking forward to sharing wonderful northwest gifts this season with my Italian neighbors and friends!

Steven J.
Seattle, Washington

Thanks so much! I am so happy to be able to order this. My family loves it and we have been getting it through a friend who has family in your area. I love the apricot tea---it is so relaxing!! You will be hearing from me again.

Meg F.
Chesterfield, Missouri

I received the glass ornaments & liked them so much I have placed an additional order for more to give at Christmas.

Carol P.
College Station, Texas

Thank you for offering this (Fair Scone Mix) - My late husband and I first ran across this at the California State Fair in Sacramento more than 50 years ago, when it came boxed with a little can of Berry Jam in the box. And I've loved it ever since, except that I had kind of forgotten about it.

Phyllis H.
Nipomo, CA

I received the ornament today. It is beautiful. My husband had one of these and when he brought it out to show his daughters it slipped and shattered. He was so disappointed. It was different from this one but this is beautiful. I can't wait to show him. Thank you!!! This will fix his Christmas!!!!

Anna L.
Edmonds, WA

Hi just a quick note to say how happy I was with your service! I got the tea so fast and my mom will love it for Christmas! This e-mail was a little late to tell you how great it was to shop with you! It is much appreciated this time of year and we will always buy our tea from you now! Thanks again and Happy holidays! The personal note inside was a nice touch also! :)

Tami H.
Thornton, Colorado

Thanks PNW SHOP. I just love the Goat Mountain Soap you sent me, particularly the Whale Blubber Soap. The soap arrived only 4 days after I ordered it! I've never experienced such fast delivery before with anything I've ordered on the Internet.

J. Jones
Monerey, California

Glad to find your shop!! My mother loves the Market Spice Tea. I was recently in Seattle, but I didn't have the chance to pick any up. This is one more Christmas gift I don't have to worry about. Thanks again.

Jessica M.
Canby, Oregon

I've tried a lot of different Smoked Salmon but I have never found salmon that is so perfectly prepared as yours.

Stan M.
Watonga, Oklahoma

Your Fair Scones were such a hit that I've decided I need to have a supply of the mix on hand. We love your website. It makes us want to visit Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest.

Linda H.
Monroeville, Pennsylvania

I very much appreciated the friendly emails answering my questions about your wave bowls. When I finally decided to order the Blue Rainbow Twist I was so pleased that it arrived the same week I ordered it! I filled it with your Mountain Bars and gave it to my grandma on her 90th birthday. Grandma lived in the northwest back in the 60s and has always mentioned Mountain Bars as one of the many things she missed about the northwest. I assume Grandma meant the Mountain Bars I found on your website and not saloons up in the Cascade Mountains!

Sally F.
Akron, Ohio

We had some friends visit from England last summer. They loved Seattle, particularly the Space Needle. When I saw Space Noodles on your website I knew we had to get some and send them to our UK friends in time for Christmas. Thanks!

Loretta S.
Kent, Washington

We sent 4 Pacific Northwest Samplers as a thank you to friends who helped us move. Each had the personalized note inside as requested. All were quite pleased. As are we. Thank you.

Chris & David P.
Ada, Oklahoma

Slug Butter may not sound too tasty, particularly when I well remember slugs from when I was stationed at Fort Lewis. But that stuff is tasty, especially on bread on top of peanut butter!

Don L.
Palm Bay, Florida

My order (of Market Spice Tea) was received today, just as you stated. Thanks. I'll have to do more shopping at your site, you've been most cordial in your correspondence. A very nice touch, I might add. Keep up the good work!

Bill K.
West Seneca, New York

No doubt, Puyallup Valley Farms Jam is by far the best jam I have ever tasted. I ordered all 5 flavors and each is very good. If I'm ever in the Northwest I'm going to have to find out where the Puyallup Valley is and find that farm!

Marilyn S.
Bridgeport, Connecticut

I had Market Spice Tea when I stayed at Pike Place Market a few years ago. I was so happy to see it on your website and so I ordered 3 boxes. The tea got here in what seemed just a couple days. I've been using tea time to transport myself back to the northwest every day since. I have about 10 days to go before I run out. I need to order some more!

Carla J.
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Your recipe for Smoked Salmon Tacos was a big hit with my teenagers. I did not serve them on my beautiful new Salmon Platter though. The Salmon Platter I will save to use on a special occasion with no teenagers in attendance.

Holly G.
Oxnard, California

I got all the Rocas and Cocoa and Cookie mixes on your Holiday page. I told the kids we must wait til after Thanksgiving before using any of them. The tins look like keepers for future Christmases. Thanks.

Gretchen S.
Spring Valley, Nevada

Despite what your website said, your Smoked Salmon Pate did not go great with your crackers. The pate went GREAT with your crackers. As soon as we finished them my wife ordered me to order more!

Bill L.
Chandler, Arizona

I got one of your Nouveau Ruffle Vases and looked all over your website for something from the Pacific Northwest to put in my new vase. I suppose I can find some dried flowers here and pretend they are from up north. Is there such a thing as dried tulips? I saw the tulips in the Skagit Valley once, something I will never forget.

Melissa B.
Lake Charles, Louisiana

The Cedar Baking Plank smells so good that I don't know if I want to use it for fear of losing that extreme Christmas Tree scent. I've made some of the recipes in the cookbook that came with it, but I've not used the plank yet.

Nancy S.
Ness City, Kansas

The Ceramic Tiles are beautiful, they look great on my new granite countertop. I also got the North Coast Mugs because the design seemed to sort of match the design on the tiles. Together they've brought a little bit of Pacific Northwest Native America into my Maine kitchen. Thanks!

Desiree B.
Bar Harbor, Maine

They (Mount St. Helens Ornaments) arrived this morning - all in one piece and very beautiful. Thank you so much for the speedy service - we procrastinators count on people like you to keep us out of trouble. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!

Amy L.
Port Orchard, Washington

Thank you so very much for the note, I appreciate it more than words can say. He's always wanted to see the mountain but not been able to make it out here yet, so the Ornament is perfect. Happy Holidays to you and everyone at Pacific Northwest Shop!

Paula L.
Kent, Washington

Thanks for the speedy service! I love visiting your part of the country, although I've not been to your part of the state. If it's anything like the rest of the state, I'm sure it's beautiful. We were just out there recently and had a great time! Never enough time to see all you want to. Keeps you coming back though! Next time I'm out your way I'll stop by and say hello! Thanks again!

Fred H.
Tampa, Florida

Just a quick e-mail to say the print "Smile at the Rain" arrived today. I bought a t-shirt of the print when I was in Olympia last month, and was excited to find a print. I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. Hope to return in the near future. I can't wait to mat/frame it and display it with my other Washington "art"...(photos I took and had enlarged from vacation). It was nice doing business with you. Take care...

Patty L.
Iselin, New Jersey

Loved getting to visit your actual store on my last trip north. It may be less expensive for me to order products from your website, but it's a great temptation to leave this hot Texas summer for a return visit to your most scenic and pleasantly temperatured part of the world. I've run out of Fair Scone Mix.

Dean S.
Fort Worth, Texas

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