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Decorative Glass Umbrella by Glass Eye Studio Commemorates Washington’s Wet Weather

March 10, 2014

glass eye studio umbrella

Bumbershoot glass umbrellas and ornaments by Glass Eye Studio

Washington State may very well be the rain capital of the country. Well, Glass Eye Studio in Seattle has gone ahead and decided to commemorate our rainy weather. Our newest product is a decorative glass umbrella.


These umbrellas aren’t hand blown like much of the other glass we carry. Instead, they’re slumped. Yes, “slumped”… Put simply, slumping is a means of glass making by which a piece of glass is set over a mold and heated in a kiln until the molten glass takes the shape of the mold. Compared to other form of glass working, slumping doesn’t require a lot of heat. The kiln doesn’t get above 1,400° F (760º C). That’s pretty hot, but other glass work actually requires temperatures several hundred degrees hotter. Glass slumping molds are used to make everything from kitchen plates to jewelery. The colorful spots on these glass umbrellas are fused to the larger piece of glass through the process.


These unique glass umbrellas have been named Bumbershoot by Glass Eye Studio. Yes, bumbershoot means umbrella. But it’s also an annual arts and music festival held in Seattle over Labor Day weekend. The first Bumbershoot festival took place in 1971. Since then, it has kept going strong. That’s just another reason that Bumbershoot is the perfect name for these little glass umbrellas, made in the heart of Seattle by Glass Eye Studio.


We’re also pleased to announce the introduction of new colors to our selection of Mount Saint Helens hand-blown glass ornaments. As always, Glass Eye Studio uses actual ash from Mount Saint Helens in Washington to give life to these newest ornaments. As the sunnier days of Spring and Summer approach, these vibrant new ornaments brighten any windowsill or nook around the house. Seafoam Rib and Powder Blue Diamond Facet are each shades of blue with differing textures in the glass. The ornament Peach Diamond Facet contrasts with the first two by its lively pinkish red color. Finally, Island Flurry is a more transparent globe with streaks of white and covered in droplets of blue, green, and purple.


Glass lovers should definitely take a look!

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